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TeGreen 97 (120ct) and one 30 day supply Nu Biome

TeGreen 97 (120ct) and one 30 day supply Nu Biome

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30 days supply of TeGreen & Nu Biome

NuBiome: Gut check: intestinal unease getting you down? From aiding digestion to helping maintain your overall gut health, the microorganisms in your GI tract impact your wellness far beyond your stomach. Pharmanex Nu Biome helps support this vital intestinal balance with a powerful dual-action solution of pre- and postbiotics, plus a healthy boost of caffeine for added energy. All in a delicious powder mix-in, so you can quickly and conveniently support your intestinal microbiome and feel your best every day.**worried you won’t like the taste? Here’s a few tricks: mix with any flavored water packs or drops such as crystal light flavoring (this is what my family uses), mix with sprite, lemonade, tea, and another favorite sonic peach water.

TeGreen: Green tea has been used in China for thousands of years for its health-preserving and revitalizing power. Modern science has identified powerful antioxidants in green tea called polyphenols. One group of polyphenols called catechins is particularly potent and is highly effective at neutralizing free radicals at the cellular level. Catechins support healthy cell function while providing antioxidant protection to critical cell structures such as DNA. Clinical studies show catechins interfere with the production of certain enzymes involved in cell damage. Additionally, catechins have been demonstrated to cause a thermogenic effect that enhances the body’s metabolic rate. Tegreen 97 ® from Pharmanex is a proprietary, highly concentrated extract of the catechins found in green tea. Tegreen 97 ® is one of the most potent antioxidant supplements on the market with a 97 percent polyphenol content, 65% catechins. Each Tegreen 97 ® capsule contains the catechin equivalent of approximately seven cups of green tea and is 99.5 percent caffeine free.**1 cup of coffee has 100-150mg of caffeine, tegreen has 2mg per capsule** although tegreen is safe, natural, and almost caffeine free if you have any health problems you are concerned about taking this product due to, you should contact your physician first. You can always message me for official ingredients from Nuskin to give to your physician. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.No refunds or exchanges

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