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1 AP24 whitening Toothpaste and 1 bottle Sunright InstaGlow self tanner

1 AP24 whitening Toothpaste and 1 bottle Sunright InstaGlow self tanner

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* 1 bottle of each

**Sunright tanner✔️Made with avocado oil /vitamin E✔️safe for body & face✔️Easy application✔️Visible tan within 30 minutes and gets darker over 24 hours too✔️Natural bronze color- no orange streaking ✔️Can be used on ALL skin types✔️Quickly absorbed -NO strong scent ✔️

Can be layered to achieve the tan you desire & lasts about a week with 1 application **you do not need special gloves or to worry about your hands with this product, it will not leave them orange!! So easy to apply. Rubs in evenly like lotion.

**you can literally do an application thirty minutes before leaving to go out for the day!

**AP24 whitening toothpaste For sensationally white teeth you can smile about. AP 24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste lightens teeth without peroxide as it helps keep plaque and cavities from forming and damaging your teeth. This gentle, vanilla mint formula freshens breath and creates a clean, just-brushed feeling.• Diminishes the appearance of surface stains for a brighter smile.

• Lightens teeth without harsh chemicals. • Helps protect teeth and prevent cavities. • Features a dynamic, vanilla mint flavor. • Leaves a smooth, clean, refreshing feeling in your mouth. • Formulated with our exclusive AP 24 blend.

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